Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Everton to blood Wessels

It's not often I have had good news this season but I was pleased when I heard Everton had signed Stefan Wessels from Köln as he was the poor keeper who conceded five goals against Rot Weiss Essen last season.

After watching it again I can't believe that side got relegated. To be fair to Wessels he didn't have a bad game.

There is a little bit more about Wessel's current form and a bit more about German football here.

For a classic goalkeeping blunder (not from Wessels) try here


  1. That game - at least Cologne does something for charity and helps other clubs feel good about themselves.

  2. Everton needed a better backup goalie than the one who let in four goals against Man U last season. Whether Wessels is good enough I surely dont know.

  3. Some people think the standard of goalkeeping is better in Germany and are surprised more have not gone to England.

  4. that has to be the worse bit of keeping i have ver seen




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