Thursday, October 18, 2007

Liverpool or Red White

I'm actually thinking about giving Rot Weiss Essen a miss on Saturday and watching Liverpool - a big club against Everton in the Merseyside derby. Alan Stubbs' comments were quite pathetically picked up by the newspapers in an attempt to stoke things up but it's the derby so things like this aren't needed.

So Essen are playing Cottbus reserves. OK, a win would be great to maintain the promotion bid but it's hard to get worked up for these sort of games and with it clashing with the game at Anfield. I know what I will be doing. Just hope there are no bluenoses in the pub. Last season I had to watch the game with some horrible Everton fans (I don't mind good ones) and that was in Manchester.

Not sure about watching Johnny Wilkinson and the Rugby World Cup Final. We shall see.


  1. Good job you didn't go to RWE gegen Cottbus reserves.

    Is Phil Neville detisned to be the next Toffees keeper? Stefan Wessels(ex understudy to Deistchlands Nummer Eins, Olly Kahn) might have his work cut out with Neville's great glovework.

    Thanks for note on swearing on my page.

    Having learnt German for 8 years it is small comfort they have less words. The gammar's still a swine.

    Be lucky.

    Mike (FCB season ticket holder) - we might play you in Div 3 next year.

  2. Hi Mike, Sorry for messing up your blog trying to leave that link.

    Good to hear from another German sympathiser. I moved here last year and loving every minute of it apart from the queuing system.

    Sadly, I will be leaving Essen in December and moving to Berlin - don't think I'll be flying back every other weekend like you do to Munich.

    Will check the football scene out in Berlin but have become very attached to Rot Weisss. Good tradition and good fans and ground. I'm not a fan of the modern stadia and the Hafenstra├če is a lovely old ground.

    I'm finding it tough learning German but I don't spend enough time learning the grammar and the vocab. It's coming along slowly.

    Yes, it would be interesting playing Bayern reserves next season but I'm still hoping for automatic promotion.

  3. Better to stay in RUHRPOTT than in the village of Berlin.
    Greetings from eastside of Dortmund. D.S.
    To Mike: RWE forever, FCB never!!!!

  4. Thanks Didi, great commenting! You might get some work doing this!




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