Thursday, October 04, 2007

Marseilles Liverpool games was fixed?

I love conspiracy theories and was interested by the following Marseilles betting thread about the game on Wednesday evening. I love stuff like this because it totally negates the fact that Liverpool were atrocious against the French side.

Although I missed the game I'm looking forward to seeing just how the referee influenced proceedings. However, I doubt it is right to trust an official who has created his own website for himself.

I'm beginning to get suspicious about all those bad results for Rot Weiss Essen both last season and this.

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  1. It is true, I am a professional trader on the global sports market specializing in Premiership and Champions League football. I have contacts within almost every major club on continental Europe. This provides me with inside information
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    With that said, fixing a match is much more complicated and much too boring than a hollywood movie. If that's what you have in mind, you're way off.

    The three basic fundamentals of match control are influence over officiating, influence over ball movement, and last but certainly not least, control of all media leading up to and during a match. I'll get to the importance of that last part in a second.

    First, influencing an official does not necessarily mean 'paying him off' nor does it necessarily mean any sort of coercion nor threats of any kind. One of the best tactics,
    especially to allow the official to be of a clean mind is to pay off his supervisor and have his supervisor convey what needs to watched and how he expects a match to be called.

    An official can either listen to his supervisor and perform
    satisfactorily in a way he so desires or he can be waiting a
    long time in between games or forced to watch over lesser paying affairs.

    Second, the easiest way to influence a match is by exerting
    control over a player. Footballers for the most part are not intelligent beings and live in a glamorous world with stupid and extravagant values. They also have huge egos are easily flattered. There are many ways to persuade a
    player, pick your poison. Rarely is it straight cash though, unless it's for their piece on the side and they don't want the significant other to find out. A special
    case would be a player who is in the closet and scared to come out as they believe it would ruin them. The cowards are always the easiest to control.

    Finally, you have the media aspect. Most people in the media are paid to sell a perception. Such as X player is playing his heart out, when he's playing like shit and in
    fact is throwing the match. The pre-match pundits usually use fallacious thinking or just make stuff up to sell a bet.
    Take the Liverpool match, do you recall anyone of note taking Marseilles? Neither do I and did any of these 'experts' apologize? Of course not, because they made a
    boatload of cash either on their own bets or got a bonus from their boss.

    All three of these were present in the Liverpool match:
    - the official handed out yellow cards to two significant Liverpool players, Marseilles received none

    - A certain player, I refuse to name, was constantly out of
    position and disrupting the flow of the attack

    - Finally, Tommy Smyth was spewing more disinformation than Bill O'Reilly at Conference for Truth
    One aspect you need to understand about the gambling industry is that it has close relationships with the media.

    Skysports and Skybet? Rupert Murdoch is a psychopathic greed monger who will do anything to get you to give him yours. If it weren't for him, Man U would have actually had to earn those titles in the 90's, but he was just using the NBA/Bulls model.

    In conclusion, I hope you understand. It's not just a ref
    and it's not just a player. It's the salesman too and all the small things add up.

    Take the red, pill, reality is a lot harsher than you'll ever imagine. By the way, feel free to share this and please don't gamble unless you have trustworthy inside
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