Thursday, November 01, 2007

Rot Weiss or my brother's wedding?

"Rot Weiss oder die Hochzeit meines Bruders"

Essen's victory over Kaiserslautern in the German Cup has left me with a difficult decision to make.

With the next round of the cup taking place on the last weekend in January - should I go to the game or attend my brother's wedding back in England scheduled for January 29th?

I'll let you decide so please add your thoughts in the comment section. If we had been playing Schalke the decision would have been alot easier.

One point in my favour about staying for the game against Hamburger SV is that technically it is not his wedding. He married last week in California or somewhere and this day at Blackpool is just a place for him to celebrate with family and friends. 1-0.

The celebration takes place in Blackpool. Not the most glamorous of locations and I always thought the place smelt of chips (Pommes). 2-0.

He's my brother. 2-1

I don't really like weddings. I usually get put on a boring table and end up discussing insurance while the evening function is normally a banal affair accompanied by dreadful cheesy disco music. 3-1

My brother will no doubt do his 'breakdance' routine. 5-1.


  1. I have voted watch the match. It’s Hamburg for Christ’s sake. 6-1.

  2. i also voted for rwe, as an essener mädchen i couldnt decide in another way... additional argument are the costs: rwe 6,- / wedding >6,-
    (6:1) maja

  3. I vote for the wedding. Can I come. Blackpool is cool.

  4. Don't bet on it! I go for the wedding. Free food and music (?) - it could be poor.

  5. Nobody is gonna talk about the wedding in a couple of years, but if Rot Weiss can make it in the cup...

    I would miss even my wedding!!
    Hallo from Mexico

  6. Get your arse to the wedding party, brother-in-law, or there will be trouble!

  7. Go to your brother´s wedding!
    The match of the Club is important... -yes... but there are a lot of other chances to watch another match. Your brother´s wedding is only one time.

    You´ll decide the right way ;)
    I´m sure.

  8. Hey Dave,

    maybe your brother have more then one wedding... But RWE in a 1/8-Final vs. HSV is just once in (i think) 30 Years.... ;)

    Check this...

    Greetings from Essen..


  9. I think - your own chance is - that your brother should have to move the party in the stadion from RWE ;)

    I hope you and your brother will find the right Decision to preverse the family freedom *gg*

    I am looking forward and i know - you will find YOUR right way ;)

    Hope to see you in the Georg Melches Stadion in January...

    red-white greetings - Toschi

  10. Hey Dave,

    go to your brothers wedding! We kick Hamburg out of the Cup and in the quarter-finals against S05 you'll be back in Essen.

    Rot-Weisse Grüße

  11. i wpuld go to the wedding, but it is your decision. you brother could be very unhappy,when you won't come to his wedding, it is a special day in everybody life...

    family is more im portant than a fotball match.

    But it is your decison!!!make your owm mind but never forget, your brother can be angry about it,...

  12. Four reasons to go for the wedding:

    1)There will be no more van der Vaart in January (and so no Sylvie on the terrace :-(
    2) It'll be cold and rainy like in OB
    3) We'll kick them out of the Cup with an unspectacular 1-0 defeat
    4) There will be FC Meineid on our way to Berlin and your brother will pay the tickets .......




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