Tuesday, August 12, 2008

More rants and raves ..including Chester

The Hairy Gymnast has listed the things he finds funny about life in a quite refreshing way in this bitter life.

So I thought I'd bring in my top ten to compliment/complement (?!) his excellent list. Be warned, it might turn into a rant rather than comedy.... and remember I live in a world of my own/Germany

1) People who stand up as soon as they hear boarding has commenced on an Easyjet flight - indeed any flight. Why the panic, people? It's the same idiots who stand up as soon as the flight has landed to claim there their overhead luggage.

2) In the old days, old men would wear cloth caps or something else. Now alot of them wear baseball caps.

3) Poker players have bankrolls. In my day gamblers just spent their wages - they did not have bankrolls. You never heard 'Oh I can't bet in this race, I've just lost two buy-ins'

4) Old men in jeans! How old should you be before you stop wearing blue denim? Aged-45 I say. Otherwise it just looks silly.

5)Insincere aunts - they only send you a card because they have been told to by your mum.

6) Parents who don't let their kids out to the local shop (7+). Knobheads...get a grip of society.

7) Non-smokers. Enough said.

8) Innkeepers Lodge Chester and their breakfast scam.

9) Stag do's - always a disappointment, always a chore.

Monday, August 04, 2008

First poker forum league game

Played in my first Raise The River Premier League game last night and although was a bit intimidated firstly by the new site (had to play on Stars) and because I do not know the lads and ladies from the site that well.

If anyone is looking for a friendly poker community (more...) then hop right over there. They all seem genuine people and I'm sure they will make you feel welcome.

In the league match itself I only managed to finish 10th out of 14. I started OK but I dribbled away chips and although not in a totally hopeless position I made an error when thinking someone was bluffing and my pair of kings was not strong enough for a set of Jacks (King paired on the flop). I don't think I would have played it in a normal tournament.

My poker has been going well and have recently won two nine-man $10 sng's on Betfair -twice knocking out some player called Vespat5 (more...) who played in the World Series of Poker Europe 2008 (more...). I thought I played good strong poker in both events and am just pleased my game is heading in the right direction.

I was actually more pleased to finish third in a similar tournament when I was down to just 70 chips! (out of 1,5000). I got very lucky when going all in with my 70 chips with 76o. Remarkably I only got one caller who also had 76o!! KK helped me to a half decent total and at one point I was leading the tournament. I quite enjoy playing short-stacked and trying to work out which players I can attack. However, I won't let it go to my head I just think I got lucky. Pud (more...) wrote a piece about a similar situation in a Chip and a Chair (more...) but that was in a slightly better event.

WSOPE venue details and November Nine attendance

The 2008 World Series of Poker Europe (WSOPE (more...) have just announced that it will be hosting its event under one roof in the Casino at the Empire in Leicester Square London. The event which starts on the 19th September will feature four bracelet events, and begins with a new three-day long £1,500 No-Limit event.

September 19th , 2008 - Event #1 - £1,500 – No-Limit Hold’em Day 1A (3-day event)

September 22nd , 2008 - Event #2 - £2,500 – H.O.R.S.E. (3-day event)

September 24th , 2008 - Event #3 - £5,000 – Pot Limit Omaha (2-day event)

September 27th , 2008 - Event #4 - £10,000 – World Championship No-Limit Hold’em (6-day event)

Betfair Poker (more...) seems to be the only place to qualify online (more...). There are plenty of ways to qualify for this poker event in September. As well as having daily free rolls (more...) on the site there are also numerous satellites (more...) to suit both small and large stake players.

Professional poker players have already started to buy in directly including the final table participants from the WSOP Main Event in Las Vegas held earlier this month. The November Nine (more...) participants, whose fate will be decided a month after WSOP Europe, are scheduled to participate, including Ivan Demidov (more...), Peter Eastgate (more...) and David Rheem (more...). The November Nine participants will be seeking the ultimate double of two Main Event Bracelets in one year.



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