Monday, August 04, 2008

First poker forum league game

Played in my first Raise The River Premier League game last night and although was a bit intimidated firstly by the new site (had to play on Stars) and because I do not know the lads and ladies from the site that well.

If anyone is looking for a friendly poker community (more...) then hop right over there. They all seem genuine people and I'm sure they will make you feel welcome.

In the league match itself I only managed to finish 10th out of 14. I started OK but I dribbled away chips and although not in a totally hopeless position I made an error when thinking someone was bluffing and my pair of kings was not strong enough for a set of Jacks (King paired on the flop). I don't think I would have played it in a normal tournament.

My poker has been going well and have recently won two nine-man $10 sng's on Betfair -twice knocking out some player called Vespat5 (more...) who played in the World Series of Poker Europe 2008 (more...). I thought I played good strong poker in both events and am just pleased my game is heading in the right direction.

I was actually more pleased to finish third in a similar tournament when I was down to just 70 chips! (out of 1,5000). I got very lucky when going all in with my 70 chips with 76o. Remarkably I only got one caller who also had 76o!! KK helped me to a half decent total and at one point I was leading the tournament. I quite enjoy playing short-stacked and trying to work out which players I can attack. However, I won't let it go to my head I just think I got lucky. Pud (more...) wrote a piece about a similar situation in a Chip and a Chair (more...) but that was in a slightly better event.

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