Sunday, September 14, 2008

Innkeepers Lodge Chester Breakfast Scam

I don't stay in hotels very often but when I do I look forward to a decent cooked English breakfast. However, if you are planning on a stay at the Innkeepers Lodge Chester then don't expect a decent breakfast because the hotel is running an excellent scam.

They advertise a free breakfast but all they provide is a couple of cereals, white bread a few coissants (cold), fruit juice and coffeee.

They do officially call it a continental breakfast but living on the continent I know full well that little bits of cheese in plastic packets with sliced white bread does not constitute a proper continental breakfast.

Shame on you Innkeepers Lodge and the one rude member of staff who said "take it or leave it" when I questioned the ridiculousness of their offering.

Check out the pictures. One is a picture of a proper English breakfast (which obviously you won't be getting) and the other a proper continental breakfast very much unlike the rubbish served at this chain Chester hotel/lodge.

End of rant and just a warning so you won't be disappointed like I was.

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