Sunday, October 12, 2008

Cool about Iceland

Imagine you put $20,000 in a bank then the bank refused to give it back. Well that's what's happened to a friend of mine.

In August they put the money into an Icelandic Bank called Kaupthing. If only they had read this article written in March 2008 about the relative dangers of investing in certain banks though that is not want I'm on about.

I was inspired by the reaction of this person who rather than getting angry and panicky about the situation just rationalised it in their head. They felt the money had been accumulated over the years didn't make them a better or wiser person but rather their circumstances/family upbringing/whatever had made them into a 'savings' person. They had saved their birthday money from an early age/spent wisely/whatever.

The amazing thing is the reaction and the great thing is that they realisied that money does not bring happiness.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Scotland's open goal miss v Norway

Feel bad putting this up but it is wonderful in its ineptitude and kind of sums up the fortunes of Scottish football in recent years. Chris Iwelumo.



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