Friday, December 19, 2008

A year in Berlin

Besides the shrinking pound and the shrinking bone in my jaw I've had a pretty good year -my first in Berlin - and feel quite a lucky person.

On a personal level I have strengthened my relationship with the amazing K while workwise it has never been better for me given I am enjoying what I'm doing, am pretty much my own boss and have been in contact with some decent people throughout the year.

It still seems slightly bizarre to be living in the capital of Germany though I don't get out that much. I suppose I just feel happy that there is stuff on I could be doing. So at times I'm happy to be choosing not to do things - a choice I would not have if I lived in Basingstoke or somewhere (never actually been to Basingstoke -but it sounds pretty grim).

I don't actually know anybody in Berlin. That seems kind of strange as I have always had a good set of friends whereever I have lived. Although some people comment on this, it does not really bother me. I have spent the last twenty odd years (since turning 18) socialising, probably drinking too much and generally living it up and I think I'm glad now I can slow down a little.

I still drink a fair bit but I don't have so many drinking binges and have wasted days with a hangover. I feel healthier and it has certainly helped my work situation.

On the work front I am lucky to work for a great guy - the best boss since John Whitley - who lets me get on with stuff and is appreciative and knowledgeable about what I do and what I have achieved. My one worry is that the global credit crisis might put a squeeze on the company I work for and my role maybe surplus to requirements. Ah well, I can always fall back on the ringtone money:) That's not so much of a joke as I am well placed in the search engine ranking for terms like free ringtones -just a shame people don't buy as many these days!

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  1. Good luck in the future mate...but time you cut out the ciggies:)




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