Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Improving at poker

I've finally started to make some in roads into my poker game and while not winning huge amounts, I feel I'm making progress.

I've won about $300 this past week playing either tournaments on Betfair Poker or on Stars. I never play higher than $10 sngs or tournaments and will not play higher until I'm consistently winning or cashing at these levels.

My game has improved for a number of reasons.

1) Raise The River Forum. I'm not really a forum person (I'm too shy really) but find the advice on that site invaluable. I've only ever posted a few questions about particular hands but always get genuine advice and answers. I also started playing in their League Games and although I started badly and felt intimidated at first I've found playing against good players has really improved my game.

2) Marcus Bateman. Although I'm biased because he works for the site I do some freelance work on, I genuinely feel his clear concise articles have improved my game. Although, I hate it when he start to talk about cash games...cos I have zero interest. Check him out through the link above.

3) Yorkshire Pudding. Matthew Pitt is a great writer who is only going to get better and I read his stuff carefully - if not edit it carefully enough:) I watched him play a tournament on Team Viewer where I could access his computer and obviously see his hole cards in a game of poker. Watching him play really helped me learn how to get through the early stages of a MTT. It sounds stupid now but I was sat there thinking "Why has he folded KJo under the gun - they are both picture cards."

4) Volume. I play around about 15 hours per week. This is not a lot but it mounts up over the month. The more poker tournaments I play, the better I become just through experience of certain situations.

The level I play at means I have to understand bad players and this is something I am getting better at.

So, boring post over and as proper poker bloggers say...best of luck at the tables.

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  1. Thanks for the shoutout Mr Allan! I agree with you on the Bateman comment, I'm in awe how he manages to write so often and keep such a high standard.




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