Monday, April 27, 2009

Happy Families

Since my last blog entry I have become an uncle twice. My youngest brother Philip whose wedding I very nearly didn't go to became a father - a boy called Jack while my sister has just delivered a baby boy who will be called James.

My brother's wife had a relatively easy (if there is such a thing) birth but my sister had all sorts of complications with the cord being wrapped around James' head and they eventually had to cut the baby out.

Apparently she is on the mend now and according to a friend looks very 'mumsy and cute'.

Both babies look like me...though I think all babies look like me...must be the bald head and round head. In fact a lot of babies are fascinated by me when they see me. My theory is that they they think I must be the baby king as I look like them but am just huge.

Babies have been figuring everywhere recently. Pud wrote a good piece about his girlfriend giving birth on his poker blog.

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  1. LMAO at being the Baby King! Quality!

    My other Scouser mate reckons all new babies look like Winston Churchill with them being bald, wrinkly and grumpy. Doesn't say too mcuh for you does it mate? Hahahaha!




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