Sunday, August 22, 2010

Watching Liverpool in Berlin

It's taken me nearly two years but I think I have found a decent place to watch Liverpool FC in Berlin. The Irish Inn Damaschkestrasse  have just had Sky installed (after a bit of persausion so that will be where I will watch the games on Sky.

Previously I had been going to the touristy Irish pub in the Europa centre but the prices are a rip off, the food is tastless and the service poor. Try changing a dodgy beer in there and they get offended and give you the same one back.

Add that to the fact you can't smoke (except in a dingy, badly ventilated smoking room), the badly positioned screens and the fact they have live bands and karoke going on during the games then I'm glad I have found my Liverpool oasis.

They also have free wi-fi, a big screen and did I mention the cheap beer?

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